You Are the Comfort Zone Crusher

You Are the Comfort Zone Crusher

Crushing Comfort ZonesFrom this point on you can deem yourself the Comfort Zone Crusher.  Join the crusade to crush every comfort zone that prevents you from living a life without regrets.  This world is too rich in resources and support for anyone not to overcome a hurdle and one such hurdle is the comfort zone.  Let’s focus on regrets for now and just note that the zone is a pathway full of regrets.

There are two kinds of regrets and they are:

  1. Regretting something that you’ve done in the past
  2. Regretting that you didn’t do something before you die.

The First Kind of Regret

There is not much you can do about something in the past that you regret.  No matter how hard you try you cannot undo what is already done. If the regret involves another person, you can make amends or make an attempt to amend the actions of your past.  If your effort proves to be fruitless through no fault of your own, give yourself permission to release yourself from the regret and move on to the second kind of regret.

Another example is having done something in the past that embarrassed you in some way. Who among us hasn’t been embarrassed right?  This is a tough one and not one taken lightly. But what can you do about that?  There is not much you can do about the embarrassing moment(s) of your past.  However, there is much you can do to move past it. For one thing,  you can acknowledge that embarrassing moments happen in everyone’s life.  There are no exceptions to that fact.  You can refuse to taunt yourself repeatedly especially if others barely remember it happened or at least they don’t talk.  Saying that you should get over it is easy to do from the outside looking in, but in the long run, it will serve you best if you did find a way to get over it.

The Second Kind of Regret

While there is not much you can go about the first kind of regret, the second kind of regret has endless possibilities.  Who among us has not put things off indefinitely?  You know you want or need to do something and the only thing that stands in your way is the obstacle a.k.a. the comfort zone.  The comfort zone is the equivalent of an enemy camp (holding you against your will).  The Zone causes you to have regrets about future events or actions that you will not become realities because you’re locked into a fear that cannot live outside of your comfort zone.  The only way to eliminate this kind of regret is to confront and deny the comfort zone of its stronghold over your life.

What is it going to be?  Are you going to live with regrets or make every effort to live life without regrets?  The choice is yours.

photo credit: The Second Law of Motion (v1) via photopin (license)