What Do I Do?

It’s real simple:  I use radio to help you promote your book, business, organization or any other effort that needs to draw an audience or reach your desired market.  Through in-depth interviews, we talk about your book and give people the backstory and why people should read it.  Although I call them interviews, it’s really more like real, non-scripted, I want to know conversations.

Morning talk shows are great, but we know that you have more to talk about and 3 to 4 minutes just is not enough time to cut it.

Social media is fantastic too.  However, social media is passive and distracting which causes users to bounce around a LOT.  But radio is still one of the most affordable, effective, distraction free advertising and marketing tools available today.

About Your Book

Why write a book if you’re not going to promote it right?  Once a month I interview authors on the Joe Lockett Radio Show during a segment aptly  titled “About the Book.” We don’t just talk  your book, we have an engaging conversation about your book.  It’s hard to engage in a 3 to 4 minute window so we give you more time to go into the depth that you and your book deserve.

Again, social media is fantastic, but radio is still one of the most affordable, distraction free advertising and marketing tools available today. Unlike social media, where people skim through pages, never staying long, with radio when people tune in they are there for one reason  and one reason only:  to stop and listen.  That’s what you want right?

Get Booked on the Show

The majority of the books are non-fiction but on occasion there are other genres.  If you’d like to be featured in a segment of “About the Book”, check out the process below.

Authors are selected one of two ways:

  1. Authors have listened to the radio spot and they reach out to me to to find out how to get booked for the broadcast.  Typically, the authors are new authors and may need far more exposure than seasoned authors.  Of course, seasoned authors are welcome as well.
  2. I am always on the look out for new authors via social media, news, magazines, word of mouth, expos, etc.  When one catches my attention, I’ll reach out to them to talk about interviewing them on the show.

You can check out one of the interviews here with Epathia Lockett.

It’s really just that simple.  If you are interest in being on the show to talk about your book, contact me here. Interviews

In addition to radio, I conduct interviews via  These interview are an extension of the About the Book author interviews as well as other people doing some new, different, fascinating things, such as business leaders, entrepreneurs launching new businesses, people that have had sudden life events that changed the trajectory of their lives, community events, and more.

Check out this interview with Life Coach Sree Meleth talking about Money as a Marker of Self-Worth.

Let’s Connect

Whether you’re an author that wants to book a spot on the Joe Lockett Show for an interview or whether you just need to get the word out about your business, venture, life changing event, etc., let’s talk.  Contact me here.