I Am… Women’s Conference 2019

Ursula Bradley’s I Am… Women’s Conference 2019

On Saturday, September 14, 2019, I had the absolute pleasure of being one of 6 speakers at Ursula Bradley’s first annual I Am… Women’s Conference.  It was an amazing experience.  Seating was near capacity and the guests were an engaging group of unity builders. Every person in the room shared and connected with at least one kindred spirit in the room and among us all were some shared experiences.

Other speakers include 1 Word Book co-authors D. Green Joseph, Ministers Patricia A. Campbell and Donna T. Brown (aka Mrs. Mattie J. Witherspoon).  In addition to my co-authors, the other 2 powerhouse speakers included Frankie Ann Walker and Bianca Langford.  I was in the best of company and am thrilled to have shared a stage with these ladies.

The speakers (l to r)

  • Frankie Ann Walker was the last to speak and managed to incorporate the preceding speakers’ topics into her on talk.  Ultimately she talked about from tragedy to triumph.
  • Minister Donna T. Brown known to some as Mrs. Mattie J. Witherspoon talked about the importance of “Stillness” in our lives
  • D. Green Joseph talked about words that ended in “less.”  Unexpectedly surprising us with how these “less” words can empower us or rob us of power.
  • Bianca Langford, the breakout speaker of the day.  The words “Who Am I” and “I Am Somebody” are still ringing in my ear after listening to Bianca.
  • Me, Charita H. Cadenhead – Loving Who I Am
  • Minister Patricia Campbell let everyone in the room know that they are SIGNIFICANT.  I Am Significant.  Powerful, powerful, powerful.

Now about the host, Life Coach Ursula Mastin Bradley.  What a magnificent feat to have pulled off a women’s conference specifically focused on the very best of who we are, hence the “I Am” theme.  The entire event, from watching people walk through the door to networking after the event, was nothing less than awe-inspiring.  Ursula was led by the spirit to hold this conference and you know when you follow God’s instructions you are already destined for success. Congrats to Ursula and everyone involved to make this event a superior production.

You can catch a glimpse of the video below highlighting part of my talk and we’ll see you at the 2020 Conference (Ursula is already in the planning stages).  Find out more about me here.