About the Book: Staying Focused

Staying Focused With Author Marietta Seay

I had a wonderful and insightful interview with Author Marietta Seay (and Author Cassandra Woods).  For people like me who sometimes have difficulty with prayer, the book is actually like an answer to prayer.   During the interview, Marietta also reminds us that prayers don’t have to be wordy.  A prayer can consist of a simply thank you, Amen.  Even if you are a prayer warrior, there may be times when you are simply stumped and at a loss for words when it comes time for praying.  Staying Focused may just be the catalyst that you need to get off the stump.  While not a concordance, the book can even serve as a companion to your bible study.  Once you get your copy, I’m almost certain you’ll want to keep it within reach.  You can get the book here.

Check out the full interview below.