Book Projects

I have authored or co-authors three books, one of which I served as the visionary author.   I’ve always loved putting my thoughts  on paper.  As a child, reading was my best friend and as I go older, beginning in my teens, I began to write.  At the time, it was more like doodling but the results were poems, essays, limericks and the like.  Writing provided a way for me to express myself in a way that verbalizing never could.

As an adult, I have currently have three books to my  credit:

1 Word Book

The 1 Word Book (2016) was a concept that was derived from a variety of sources.  First there was the I Am Woman Network (IAWN).  The founder of the IAWN put out a call for women to record a 1 minute or less video with thoughts on a single word.  My word was “persistence.”  You can view that video here.

Secondly, when I joined my current church, I completed a spiritual analysis that identified my strengths and weaknesses based on a scale.  Much to my surprise, I scored very low on hope.  As disappointed as I was, after some consideration, it became crystal clear why hope ranked so low.  Thinking about the word hope begin weighing very heavily on me.  My quest became to figure out how hope could be more apparent in my life.  The more I pondered, I began to wonder if others had relationships with words in this same way.  I mean, were there words that held a significant place in their lives. The result:  The 1 Word Book – 14 chapters by 14 authors, each of which selected one word that had a significant impact in their lives.  Some of those words include:  hope, faith, impact, perseverance, curves and more.  You can check out the authors here.

I Am Woman

I Am Woman BookThe I A Woman Book is one of the most telling pieces that I’ve ever shared about myself. Never have I exposed myself and my inner conflict the way that I have in this book.  The Chapter titled, I Had Determined my Worth as Zero, tells about the darkest period in my life but it also shares the valuable lessons that I learned.  I have every confidence that you will learn and grow from my chapter as well as the other authors, particularly if you have faced similar experiences.

Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price

My first book collaboration.  As with every profession,

Many people live their lives either in the past or regretting the past when in reality, they should use past experiences to write new chapters in their lives.  My motto is “Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life” and today is not different, no matter how dark your past may have been.

Every day that you have breath in your body is a day to change the course of your life if that’s your desire.

You can order the book here.  Upon reading the book, please return here to leave a comment.

Sincerely, Charita H. Cadenhead