Types of Pouring Methods

Make sure that you are painting on a level surface. Otherwise while drying, all of the paint may flow to one side of the canvas and ruin your painting. Before you begin painting, lay your canvas on a flat surface. Place a level on the surface (from end to end and side to side) to ensure that canvas is not leaning to one side. When your canvas is level, you are ready to paing.

Methods of pouring: Remember in class we talked about several methods of pour painting

Straight pour – This is when you pour the paint on the canvas one color at a time. There is no right or wrong way to pour it.s. Just as a reminder, the first pour that we did, we poured puddles on to the canvas (i.e. pour a puddle on the canvas with one color, pour another color onto that color, etc). You can make as many puddles as you’d like. After you finished making puddles, lift canvas and slowly tilt canvas and continue tilting until you are happy with what you see.

Dirty pour – After you have mixed all of your paint colors in separate cups, you will get a clean cup and begin pouring the different colors of paints one at a time into the clean up. Then tilt canvas until you achieve the desired effects. If you’d like, you can add a few drops or one spray of silicone. People usually have WD 40 around the house. WD 40 is one form of silicone so you can use it if you have some

Flip Cup – This is the method that had every one oohing and ahhing. Follow the method above for the dirty pour EXCEPT when you have added all of the colors to a single cup, hold the cup in one hand, pick up your canvas and lay the canvas side on to the cup and hold firmly, then flip the canvas and the cup at the same time and place canvas on flat surface.

Swipe – This is when we poured an approximate 1/4 inch wide stripe of paint across the top of the canvas, then we wet the end of a paper towel. Place the paper towel at the end of the canvas and place the wet part of the paper towel (only) over the white paint. Then gently pull paper towel to the other end of the canvas (swiping the white and dragging it to the bottom of the canvas.

There are many more so be sure to check back